CNC Cabinet Components catalog for use in 2020 Design Program

2020 Design software is required to use this catalog



General Ordering Information

How To Start

Provide your business license & company information by completing a Customer Information Form.  We will send out a catalog, order forms, price sheet, and assorted other forms. As we are continuously improving our products, the technical information in our catalogs is subject to corrections and changes without notice.  Likewise, our price sheet & order forms are subject to corrections and changes without notice.


Fax, Email, or Mail your order form to us.  We will process the order and send you an Estimate within 24 hours for you to approve and sign.  If you do not receive it within 24  hours, please call us and confirm receipt of your order form. You may fax, email, or mail the signed Estimate back to us to confirm. Upon our receipt of the signed Estimate, your order will be put into production.

No orders or Confirmations can be taken over the phone.


To keep a more accurate inventory, unsigned estimates will be held for two weeks.  After two weeks, the order will have to be resubmitted for a new estimate.


All orders are pre-pay or COD. If paying by check, the Business Application must be filled out. COD fees are your responsibility and are paid directly to the shipper. We accept VISA/MasterCard/Discover/Amex. If paying by this method, the Business Application & Credit Card Authorization form must be filled out. Checks & Credit Cards must be in the company name. Your customer can pay with Cash, Money Order, or Cashier Check Only. For states other than Florida, orders must be pre-paid before leaving the warehouse.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on all orders within the state based on county tax rates, unless a Tax Exempt Certificate is provided for your company.  For states other than Florida, sales tax will not be charged and needs to be taken care of by your company. We cannot accept third party tax-exempt certificates.

Completion Times

Unassembled orders will be ready in approximately 1-3 business days and assembled orders (including modifications & glass doors) will be ready in approximately 3-5 business days.


New customers will be freight collect, unless they prepay orders with a credit card.  Cabinets can be shipped assembled or unassembled with freight companies and the exact associated shipping charges can only be given when the order is ready to ship.  CNC Cabinet Components is not liable for delays or damages due to freight carriers. Deliveries made by our truck within our delivery area will be charged a per trip fuel fee in addition to delivery charges. Residential deliveries are available for a nominal fee.

Samples & Brochures

Showroom cabinets are available for purchase at a discounted rate. Sample door kits are also available for purchase.


Cancellation, Re-Stocking, & Other Fees

Cancellation & Re-Stocking

Due to our quick ship program and to better accommodate our customers, any orders, whether delivered or still at the warehouse that are changed, being swapped out, or canceled after delivery of order or 24 hours from the order confirmation will incur the following charges:

Unassembled Orders  →  15% or minimum of $30

Assembled Orders (Assembled by CNC)  →  30%

Refunds will ONLY be given as credit on next order and ONLY after inspection.

Credits will ONLY be available for one year from date of credit.

Storage Fees

Orders left or held at CNC Cabinet Components warehouse for longer than five business days after completion of order are subject to storage fees.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will be assessed a service charge that is the greater of $25.00 or 5% of the check. The returned check and service charge will need to be paid with credit card, cash, or money order. Additional returned checks will result in all orders being pre-paid with credit card, cash, or money order.


Personnel must be available to assist in unloading all merchandise. Payment and personnel must be ready within 5 minutes of the Truck Driver’s arrival.  If personnel and payment are not available, re-delivery will incur a minimum additional $50 fee. If delivered with CNC truck, proof of damages must be submitted within 5 days of receipt on assembled orders. If delivered by a freight company, proof of transportation damages must be noted on BOL, the freight company must provide an exemption #, and photos must be provided within 2 business days of receipt.


***Warm soapy water can be used for cleaning cabinets & doors.

No ammonia based cleaning products can be used.